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Carpenters Curved Rip Claw Hammer Framing Tool with Anti-slip TPR Handle 9~26oz

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Product feature:

- Reinforced Fibreglass Handle with a Contoured PROGrip for Better Shock Absorption

- Finished with a polished head and a rubber grip it's a great tool to have it in your tool box colection

- 9~26oz Straight Claw Hammer With Vinyl Grip is ideal for driving nails during general carpentry use, and the straight claw makes it easy to remove nails even in restricted spaces such as corners

- The claw can also used for prying apart boards and tearing out sheet materials from walls

- Featuring a smooth fine polished face, the head has been tempered for greater strength to ensure that it does not become deformed after repeated use

For your Safety:

- The hit at the points is not hardened as the striking face and could be damaged.

- When assembling delicate work, use a piece of scrap wood between the work piece and the head of the hammer. This will prevent damage to the workpiece.

- Use a nail punch to sink nails into the timber, again this will prevent damage to the work piece. A nail punch has a flat end (or slightly, concave) to fit the nail head rather than the pointed end which other punches have.

- Always wear safety glasses when driving masonry nails or breaking up concrete.