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100Pack Xmas Decoration 350g Thicken Kraft Paper Gift Tag Wrapping Kraft Tag Hang Tags

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Product Details:
Elevate your Christmas presents with our 100-pack Xmas Decoration Kraft Paper Gift Wrapping Kraft Tags. Each set includes 10 unique designs, with 10 tags of each design, providing you with a total of 100 tags for your holiday gifts. These tags are not just functional but add a touch of festive charm to your presents.

Key Features:
Variety of Designs: The set comprises 10 different festive designs, each carefully crafted to enhance the holiday spirit. From traditional Christmas trees to jolly Santas, these tags cater to various gifting themes.
High-Quality Kraft Paper: Crafted from durable and eco-friendly kraft paper, these tags have a natural and rustic texture, adding an authentic touch to your gifts.
Perfect Size: Each tag is designed in a perfect size to accommodate your personalized messages or to/from details without overwhelming your gift.
Easy Attachment: The tags come with pre-punched holes for easy attachment. You can use the included 50 pieces of jute twine and 50 pieces of red and white cotton string, each measuring 25CM long, to tie the tags securely to your presents.
Versatile Usage: Ideal for gifts of all sizes, these Kraft Paper Gift Tags are versatile. Whether you're wrapping small trinkets or larger presents, these tags add a delightful finishing touch.
Personalization: You can write heartfelt messages, greetings, or simply indicate the recipient's name on these tags, making your gifts feel even more special.

Package Includes:
100Pack Thicken Kraft Paper Tags