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Drop Shipping with Joyreap Now

If you are interested in online sales and marketing, willing to follow our drop shipping terms and conditions, then you are more than welcome to start your own business with Joyreap.

If you have basic understanding and foundation about operating an online store, and also have some related experiences, then you are the person that we are looking for.

If you are able to create an account on some other online platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Facebook Marketing and etc, and own your personal online store, that's a plus.

Prefer some understanding of the digital marketing technique, the ability to manage your own online store, the orders you received and, if necessary, customer services.
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Advantages of Drop Shipping

1. You don't need to have professional skill set
We will provide images and product descriptions for each product, as well as technical assistance if you have any problems with our products and your customers.

2. You don't need to have a warehouse to keep your stocks
You are allowed to keep all of your stocks in our warehouse. That way is easier for you, because we're going to ship the products straight away if we get any order from you.

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3. Minimum cost investment
You only need to pay us AUD500 deposit to start selling. We will guide you through everything even provide you the suggesed selling price .

4. Allow to switch stocks
If you hold any inventory from our stores and turns out the products are sold poorly, we will allow you to use the same price and switch other products from our store.

5. You don't need to ship the products by yourself
Our warehouse staff will be responsible for tracking all orders and shipping the products, all you need to do is just send us all order information to our warehouse, and then we'll take it from there. That said, you can concentrate on your other full-time job, and you do not need to worry about shipping issues.

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Advantages of Drop Shipping with Joyreap

1. In order to be our drop shipping distributor, you need to pay us AUD500 deposit, after which you are allowed to use the drop shipping pirce to get all the "test selling" products from our website. We also provide a method for switching stocks if the products you hold are sold poorly.

2. We will provide you all the images and product details that your drop shipped with us. If you are lack of knowledge about uploading products or downloading orders, we will provide guide and tutorials, step-by-step help you to get on track.

3. All the products from Joyreap Trading are available for "test selling". During this period, the drop shipper can only choose 1-2 products, and the drop shipper will need to notify Joyreap before selling the products. After the "test selling" period, the drop shipper can decide to place order from Joyreap. During this stage, the drop shipper can choose whether go for retail or drop shipping from us.

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4. Each product in our warehouse are brand new. To lower the basic cost of the products and provide lowest price to our drop shipping distributors, Joyreap's purchasing team from China will consolidated all the freight and send through from China to our Melbourne warehouse.

5. Secure trading: We'll record all the products you've purchased from us, ship out, inventory list, stock exchange, and so on. It's convenient for you to track, and we're going to keep it up to date.

6. We provide drop shipping retail and drop shipping delivery methods. If you are available and preferred to ship out the products on your own, you can get the retail price from us, then keep all the stocks in your place and manage the orders and shipments on your own. However, if you're busy with your other jobs, you can always keep your stocks in our warehouse, and we're going to help you manage your orders and shipments.

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