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12g-14x48mm 100-500pcs Hex Head Metal Fencing & Walling Screw Colorbond Painted

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- Used by the great majority of professional roofers.
- Less drillpoint walking, less scratching, faster drilling, higher pullouts.
- Self drilling point suitable for fixing Corrugated roof sheeting to Timber and steel without the need for pre-drilling. Perfect for use on light gauge metal battens.
- Class 4 Mechanically Galvanised Coating for excellent corrosion resistance.
- Suitable for fixing to steel and Timber
- Compatible with Colorbond coated sheets
- Selected COLORBOND colour range available off the shelf.
Head Type: Hex Head
Material: Hardened Steel
Finish: Galvanised Class 4
Package QTY:
DEEP OCEAN-CL4 #12-14X48 100/250/500pcs/Box
WINDSPRAY-CL4 #12-14X48 5100/250/500pcs/Box
WOODLAND GREY-CL4 #12-14X48 100/250/500pcs/Box