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25Pcs Household Hand Tools Set Kit Box with Hard Storage Case Home Supplies

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Product Description:
This 25-piece household hand tools set is the perfect choice for your home repairs and DIY projects, providing a diverse combination of tools to meet various needs in your daily life. All the tools come with a sturdy toolbox, making storage and transportation convenient, and keeping your tools neat and organized.

Key Features:
Variety of Tool Combination: The set includes 8 Allen wrenches, a precision screwdriver, a 3-meter measuring tape, a 6" long nose plier, a universal wrench, spare blades, an LED flashlight, an electronic tape, screwdrivers, a test pencil, a nail hammer, an art cutter, and a toolbox, catering to multiple usage requirements.
Sturdy and Durable: All tools are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting use without easy damage.
Convenient Portability: The toolbox is designed with a robust hard-shell exterior, lightweight and easy to carry, enabling you to have your repair tools on hand at home or when going out.
Essential for Household Repairs: This toolset includes common tools needed for everyday repairs and DIY projects, making it an ideal assistant for household maintenance.
Versatile Applications: Whether it's furniture assembly, appliance repairs, gardening work, or other crafting projects, this toolset has got you covered.

List of Tools:
8 Allen Wrenches
Precision Screwdriver
3-Meter Measuring Tape
6" Long Nose Plier
Universal Wrench
Spare Blades
LED Flashlight
Electronic Tape
Test Pencil
Nail Hammer
Art Cutter

Includes: 25-piece hand tools set
Toolbox Size: Designed appropriately based on tool combination