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27 in 1 Sketch and Drawing Printing Pencil Set Sketching Art Kit Tools Utility

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Original price $64.99
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Excellent quality and reasonable price.
It's convenient to carry due to the pencil roll design.
Smooth writing and easy cleaning makes it the perfect drawing art set.
Features: Smooth Writing, Easy Cleaning, Storage Bag, Drawing Pencil Set
Type: Pencil Set
Material: Wood
Quantity: 27 Pcs/Set
Package includes:
16 x Sketch Pencils (HB/1Pc, 2H/1Pcs, B/1Pc, 2B/3Pcs, 3B/1Pcs, 4B/3Pcs, 5B/1Pc, 6B/1Pc, 8B/1Pc,9B/1Pc,10B/1Pc,12B/1Pc)
3 x Charcoal Pencils (Soft, Neutral, Hard)
2 x Erasers
1 x Pencil Connector
1 x Cutter
3 x Paper Pens
1 x Pencil Roll