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2Pack Rainproof Car Rearview Mirror Sticker Anti-fog Protective Film Rain Shield

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Product Description:
-make your vision clear and drive safer in rainy day.
- Universal for side rearview mirror, you can cut in a way you wanted.
- Waterproof, fog-proof and dust-proof effect.

Size: 80*80mm(Suitable for small rearview mirrors)
        100*145mm(Suitable for large rearview mirrors)
        150*200mm(Suitable for front window glass)
Materials: PET
Color: Transparent
Applicable models: any glass with smooth surface
Installation instructions:

1. Clean your rearview mirror/window
2. Find the first layer of labels
3. Tear off No.1 label layer
4. Film the screen
5. Remove bubbles with a scraper
6. Remove No.2 label layer
7.  Completed
Please clean and dry the glass before sticking them on.
Included: 2 X Waterproof Films