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3Pcs Silicone Bath Sink Strainer Waste Plug Floor Drain Filter Hair Catcher Stopper

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Product Description:
This set of 3 silicone bath sink strainers serves as the perfect solution for your bathroom and kitchen drainage systems. Designed to prevent hair, food residue, paper scraps, and other debris from entering the pipes, it effectively prevents clogging and ensures smooth drainage for your sinks and floor drains.

Key Features:
High-Quality Material: Made from food-grade silicone material, it is safe, non-toxic, durable, and resistant to deformation, ensuring long-lasting use without fading.
Precise Filtration: The fine mesh design efficiently captures small debris, preventing them from entering the drainage pipes.
Convenient Cleaning: The flexible silicone material makes it easy to clean; simply rinse with water or use soapy water for quick and convenient cleaning.
Suitable for Various Drains: With a reasonable design, it fits well in bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, floor drains, and other drainage outlets, providing a secure fit without falling off.
High-Temperature and Low-Temperature Resistant: It can be used in both high-temperature and low-temperature environments without any impact, ensuring a long service life.

Material: Food-Grade Silicone
Size: Approximately 10cm in diameter
Includes: 3 pieces