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6-Pack Super Large Windproof Clothespins Windbreak Clamp Hanging Clothes Pegs

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Product Details:
Introducing our 6-Pack Super Large Windproof Clothespins, your perfect companion for hassle-free laundry days and secure blanket fastening. Available in two vibrant colors, white-orange and white-blue, these clothespins are engineered for maximum convenience and functionality.

Color Options: Available in White-Orange and White-Blue, adding a touch of vibrancy to your laundry routine.
Individual Size: Each clothespin measures 11.3x9.3cm, providing ample surface area for secure fastening.
Strong Spring: Equipped with a robust spring mechanism that can expand up to 8.5cm, ensuring a tight grip on various fabrics, including blankets and large garments.
Anti-Slip Design: The clothespins feature an anti-slip clamping system, preventing items from slipping or sliding, even in windy conditions.
Stackable for Storage: Designed to be stackable, these clothespins can be neatly stored together, saving space in your laundry or storage area.

Windproof and Secure: These clothespins are specifically designed to withstand windy conditions, ensuring your laundry stays in place even on breezy days.
Multipurpose Use: Ideal for hanging and securing blankets, bedsheets, curtains, and large garments during drying or storage.
Durable Build: Crafted from high-quality materials, these clothespins are built to last, providing long-term reliability and performance.

Package Includes:
6 x Super Large Windproof Clothespins (Available in White-Orange or White-Blue)