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82 Pcs Household Hand Tools Set Hand Tool Kit for Home Office Car Repair Tools

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  • DIY household toolkit set: This complete toolkit set contains the most reached for parts and tools used in handling most DIY household, car garage, office, home yard and garden decoration, repairs and maintenance tasks.
  • Compact size and class A level: Tools are made of steel alloy for strength, non-slip handles for grip, heat treated and chrome plated to resist corrosion.
  • Full handle screwdrivers: Precision screwdrivers with insulation tape and spiral tipped blades for screws workings, more easy for energy saving also safe and protective.
  • Digital AC tester, spanners cutters adjustable wrench and pliers: AC/DC 12-250V digital electric pen with LED display is used for detecting AC in circuits, and spanners, cutters adjustable wrench and pliers are great for stripping wire, gripping and turning nuts, holding, rotating, bending, almost all basic repairing.
Package Included:
  • Ratchet spanner (zinc alloy): 10cm
  • Straight screwdriver (carbon steel heat treated): 20cm
  • Flexible rule (PC covered) type: 3m
  • Screwdriver (carbon steel heat treated): 20cm
  • Precision screwdriver (carbon steel heat treated): 15cm
  • Saw (aluminium alloy): 26cm
  • Digita electrical pen
  • Screwdrivers head
  • Adjustable spanner (forged carbon steel) type: 8"
  • Parts box
  • Fiber handle claw hammer (forged carbon steel): 24cm
  • Sleeve type: 5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13
  • Cutter pliers (forged carbon steel) type: 6"
  • Sharp-nose pliers (forged carbon steel) type: 6"
  • Allen key (carbon steel heat treated)
  • Insulation tape (PVC): 9m