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7 Gears Adjustable Pencil Sharpener Manual for Colored Art Pencils Drawing Sketching

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Professional Art Pencil Sharpener: Still use the old manual pencil sharpener? Look at our helical blade manual pencil sharpener for artists. Advantages: Fast, labor saving, lead not easy to break, large capacity shavings box and adjustable pencil nib.

Large Capacity Reservoir: The reservoir of this pencil sharpener is extra large and can hold more at a time, which means you don’t have to dump the shavings every few uses, you just focus on consecutively sharpening.

Long Point Pencil Sharpener: Designed for sketching, drawing, charcoal and graphite pencils, this manual pencil sharpener will give you a long point. Thicker core, longer points. An inexpensive choice for artists! Please note that this model do not compatible with very soft and brittle pencil lead. Please check your pencils compatibility before purchased.

7 Gears Adjustable Pencil Nib: The sharpness of the nib can adjustable by rotate the knob on the handle. Choose the point sharp or blunt of 0.6mm-1.5mm. Super easy to operate, just insert the pencil into the holder and crank clockwise while holding the sharpener, the pencil starts to move inside the sharpener with each crank; when the resistance decreases crank it anticlockwise and the pencil starts to come out on its own!

Pencil Sharpener for Artist: This art pencil sharpener is your good partner. You also can uesd as a great gift for your art friends, painter and whoever like drawing.

Material: Plastic
Size: Approx. 86x53x114mm/3.39x2.09x4.49 inches

Package Includes:
1 Piece Pencil Sharpener