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Car Phone Holder Metal Gravity 360 Universal Rotation Ball Air Vent Cellphone Stand

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1. The in-line bracket, which does not block the wind, can be picked and placed with one hand, and it can be tightened with one clamp, and it can be automatically retracted.
2. New bright alloy, metal panel, sturdy and more durable, and the clamping and placement are not obtrusive.
3. No cover, no fear of hot and cold wind, the contact surface is reduced by 60%, evacuating the hot and cold wind of the air conditioner, and assisting the heat dissipation of the mobile phone.
4. 360° universal rotation ball, the viewing angle can be adjusted at will, and the silicone clip of the elbow will not damage the air outlet.
5. Easy installation, one clip is stable, suitable for most air outlets such as horizontal/vertical/round/oblique type.

Product name: Car phone holder
Material: Metal+ABS
Color: Dark grey / White
Packing size: about 133 x 108 x 41mm / 5.24 x 4.25 x 1.61 inch
Applicable mobile phone: 4.7- 7 inch mobile phone
Applicable scene: Car air outlet