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Dust Dirt Cleaning Gel Slime Super Clean Magic Car Laptop Keyboard Home Cleaner

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  • Remove easily dust or dirt from places which easily cannot reach.
  • Roll the gel gently and carefully into the surfaces you want to clean.
  • Gel product may be separated in to small pieces, it can be stick back easily.
  • Gel is re-usable until it is saturated by the dirt. After use, place the gel back to seal the bag to prevent dry out.
  • Material: Disinfectant, antiseptic, boric acid, methyl benzoate, spices
  • Usage: computer / keyboard / car / laptop / Electronics
Usage Tips:
  • Do not rub, just press.
  • You can recycle until it becomes the deepest color.
  • No cleaning after use, please back into the bag and draw the seal
  • Wash hands before use.
  • Rest 1 minute before 1st time use, and squeeze to absorb other pieces.
  • Slowly spread jelly over surfaces to minimize residual.
  • If there is residual, slowly smooth gel over surface.
Keep away from children.
After the item is less effective and less sticky, dispose in garbage.
Do not store for extended periods once opened.