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Electric Cordless Shaver Hair Clipper Trimmer Comb Set Grooming

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  • This item includes a hairdressing cloth, lubricating oil and cleaning brush, also come with guards attachments to trim different lengths of hair whether it be 0.2mm or 12mm long.
  • This electric hair clippers has a very powerful motor, and the teeth on the blade are tightly knit for that single pass that can remove hair with no snagging, giving you a effective haircut.
  • Hair clippers can be cordless for hair cutting, especially when doing the job yourself. Universal charging - One full charge gives up to five hours run time.
  • The haircut clippers double up as beard trimmers to offer several functions from one device. Not only can be a hair clipper for men, but also the low noise and safety design is suitable for kids.
  • Whether you’re stuck at home, don’t have a salon nearby, trying to save time or money, the professional clipper set offers an easy way to cut your hair, which is also the first choices of barber or stylist.
  • Cordless electric hair clipper; Self-sharpening blade for smooth cutting, taper control level.
  • Save on expensive hair cutting and trimming. Suitable for almost any hair type.
  • Get different cutting positions for a vast array of hairstyles. Its high-performance stainless steel blades not only provide precision but also safety for nicks and cuts.
  • Easily adjust the combs to the proper height with different comb attachments.
Package includes:
1 x Cordless electric hair clipper;
1 x USB charging cable and 1x Rechargeable aluminum battery;
1 x 1mm guide comb; 1 x 2mm Guide comb; 1 x 3mm Guide comb; 1 x 6mm guide comb;
1 x 9mm guide comb; 1 x 12mm guide comb
1 x Left ear taper; 1 x Right eat taper
1 x Blade oil; 1x Cleaning brush
1x Shoulder-length cape
1x Flat comb