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Hoper Layer Foldable Clothes Dryer Household Dryer Portable Quick Drying Mites Removal

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  • This is a folding clothes dryer portable clothes dryer.
  • Say goodbye to damp, Warm like the sun, quick drying and mites removal.
  • Lightweight folding, box type portable, does not occupy a space.
  • A constant temperature, energy saving, timing function.
  • Multi space storage, no land occupation, only the luggage compartment space is required.
  • Name: Clothes Dryer
  • Model No: EP1216-SA
  • Product size :52X40×126cm when expanded
  • Product size :(fold)52×40X18cm
  • Product power: 220-240V 50Hz 800W
  • Gross Weight: 5.32kg
Package Content:
1x drying box
4x bracket
1x cloth cover
1x instructions

Step 1: turn on the telescopic lever switch and extend the telescopic lever
Step 2: lock the fixed lock after the aluminum bending is aligned
Step 3: put on the cloth cover and clamp the edge of the cloth cover in place
Step 4: cover the upper cover and complete the installation