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Joyoung Hands-free Washing Blender Juice Maker Soymilk Maker Y828 AU Version with SAA Approvals

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Product Identifiers:
Brand: Joyoung
EAN: 6922208438086
Model: Y828 (AU Version with SAA Approvals)
Rated Voltage: 220V-240v 50A
Heating Power: 1200W
English and Chinese Control Panel with Touch Screen
Motor Power: 450W
Capacity: 300-1200ml
Weight: 8 KG

1. Hot and Cold Blender with 8 Functions: 1000 watts of power and heating element, can make shakes and smoothies, fresh almond milk, oat milk, hot tasty soup and grind ingredients for sauce.
2. With 8 blender functions include almond milk, oat milk, smoothie, juice, soy milk, soup, sterilize, and clean.
3. Quick Vegan Milk in 3 Minutes: Professional blenders for kitchen on making non-dairy milk alternatives at home.
4. Customizable milk flavours with 4 pre-set milk making programs – Almond Milk(3 Mins), Oat Milk(3 Mins), Smoothies(3 Mins), Juice(4 Mins), Soy Milk(35 Mins), Soup(35 Mins).
5. Despite the 4 preset programs, it also has the other possibilities using different ingredients like Coconut, Cashew, and Macadamia.
6. Self-Cleaning Baby Food Maker: Self-Cleaning system makes cleaning easy as a breeze. With high temperature and high presssure stir, achieving 99.99% sterilization and safe to make baby food. Get non-dairy protein and take care of lactose intolerant kids and families.
7. No Need to Filter: 2 minutes to get a delicate and silky taste, no need to soak the ingredients in advance and no need to filter, just drink it directly. But we still provide filter bag in case you need it. Medium capacity to meet the needs of 1-6 people.
8. Blender with Glass Pitcher: Safer material compared to plastic with long-lasting and scratch resistance glass. Worry free of toxic material from plastic.
9. Multifunctional, can make soy milk, boiled water, fruit juice, rice paste, nut dew; Instant hot water dispenser; Automatic cleaning, hot sterilization, sterilization rate reaches 99.99%

Package list:
1 x Main machine
1 x Mixing cup assembly
1 x Receiver cup and cup lip
1 x Water tank and tank cover
1 x Reaidual water box and box cover
1x Filter bag
1 x Australian standard 3 pin power cord
1 x English / Chinese Manual
One year Melbourne local warranty!