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Kitchen Sink Strainer Drain with 200pcs Sink Filter Mesh Bags Filter Food Waste

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1. Novel design: make full use of the corner space of the sink, can be placed upright when not in use, and can be used to hang rags without occupying additional space in the sink.
2. Flexibility: The gutter is designed to let the water run away, dry sponges and scrubbers. These mesh bags are elastic and flexible, easy to attach to the 4-point stand and maintain stability.
3. SUPERIOR FUNCTIONALITY: The fine mesh catches all the small food particles that would normally slip through the filter. Effectively prevents hair, paper scraps, food scraps, fabrics and any other waste from entering the drain.
4. Economical and practical: filter the leftovers in the kitchen/dining room, protect the kitchen drainage, not block the drainage pipe, save space and keep the kitchen clean.

Material: Iron / Plastic
Size: 25x14x3cm
Shape: Square
Color: Green/White

Packing list:
1*Water sink filter rack + 200Pcs net bags