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Washing Bag Pack Set Of 6 Laundry Bags Mesh Lingerie Delicate clothes Wash Bags

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Product Description:
This set of 6 laundry bags is the ideal choice for washing your delicate clothes, providing thoughtful protection. Each laundry bag is made with breathable mesh design, allowing clothes to be properly cleaned during the washing process while avoiding damage. The various sizes of the laundry bags cater to your different garment needs, making it convenient for you to sort and store your clothes.

Key Features:
High-Quality Material: The laundry bags are made from durable mesh fabric, ensuring long-lasting use and protecting your clothes from damage.
Breathable Design: The mesh structure provides excellent ventilation, ensuring proper cleaning of the clothes during the washing process and reducing friction-related wear and tear.
Multi-functional Use: The laundry bags are not only suitable for delicate clothes such as lingerie and silk, but also prevent other garments' hooks, buttons, and other components from entangling with other clothes.
Multiple Size Options: The set includes different sizes of laundry bags, including Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), Extra-Large (XL), and two Bar Bags, catering to your various needs.
Easy Storage: Each laundry bag is equipped with a zipper design, making it easy for you to put in and take out clothes, facilitating organization and storage.

Small (S): 30x40cm
Medium (M): 40x50cm
Large (L): 50x60cm
Extra-Large (XL): 60x60cm
Bar Bag: 17x15cm
Includes: 6-piece laundry bag set (S+M+L+XL+2 Bar Bags)

Instructions for Use:
Place delicate clothes into the appropriate-sized laundry bag.
Put the laundry bag into the washing machine and set the suitable program and water temperature based on the fabric and washing needs.
After washing, remove the laundry bag, take out the clothes, and air dry them or follow the garment label's washing guidelines for further treatment.