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Cat Scratcher Bed Tower with Hammock Climbing Flower Tree Condo Ladder 120cm

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Product Details:
Introducing our Cat Scratcher Tower, a multifunctional and delightful playground for your feline friends. This tower is designed to provide entertainment, exercise, and comfort for your beloved cats.

Color Options: Light Coffee and Light Gery
Height: 120CM
Materials: Wood Boards, Sisal Rope, Sturdy Cardboard Tubes
Features: Wooden Spacious Cat Perch and Transparent Space Capsule

Key Features:
Multilevel Design: The cat scratcher tower boasts a multi-tiered structure that allows your cats to climb, scratch, and explore at various heights.
Hammock Relaxation: A cozy hammock provides a perfect spot for your cats to relax and nap, offering a comfortable and secure space.
Climbing Flower: The tower includes a climbing flower feature, adding an extra element of fun for your playful cats.
Tree Condo Hideaway: A wooden condo provides a private hideaway for your cats to retreat, rest, and observe their surroundings.
Ladder Access: The built-in ladder encourages physical activity and helps your cats access different levels of the tower easily.
Sturdy Construction: Crafted from high-quality wood boards, durable sisal rope for scratching, and robust cardboard tubes, ensuring stability and longevity.
Transparent Space Capsule: An innovative transparent space capsule offers a unique perch for your cats to observe the world from a different perspective.

Package Contents:
1x Cat Scratcher Bed Tower