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Solar mosquito killer light 2 in 1 light effects 4 installation methods

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1. There are two light effects of white and purple. Violet light can effectively kill flying insects, and mosquito killer lamps can protect your family from annoying mosquito bites. White can be used as night lighting decoration.
2. Just put the mosquito killer on the ground and keep them away from insects all night! When there is sunlight, solar energy powers them, saving electricity and battery costs. Battery powered on cloudy days, not afraid of running out of power.
3. Unscrew the cover in the opposite direction and turn on the switch. Automatically turn off the lights during the day, absorb sunlight to charge; automatically turn on the lights at night, turn on the purple light off mode.
4. Can effectively prevent mosquitoes, pests, flies. Outdoor Solar Pest Killer for indoor and outdoor gardens, porches, patios, backyards and more. It's also great for night fishing and camping.
5. There are 4 installation methods, no wires needed, just plug the mosquito killer directly into the ground. Please install the solar panel towards the sun for better charging.

Round insert: 13.5*42cm/5.31*16.54inch
Square insert: 14*46.5cm/5.51*18.31inch
Square Portable: 14*20cm/5.51*7.87inch
Square floor model: 14*38cm/5.51*14.96inch
Square wall hanging: 14*37.5cm/5.51*14.76inch

Packing list
1 * Solar Mosquito Killer
1 mounting accessory set

1. Please charge for about 8 hours after receiving it before use;
2. There is an automatic light control probe on the top of the machine. It does not light up when the mosquito control mode is turned on during the day. You need to cover the top of the machine so that the mosquito killer lights up;
3. Try to avoid installing the mosquito killer under the tree or in the shade, please choose a sunny place to avoid improper charging;
4. When using the mosquito killer, please do not wait for the machine to run out of power before charging, but charge it in time, otherwise it will affect the life of the solar panel;
5. From time to time, use a brush to clean up the dead mosquitoes on the grill of the mosquito killer lamp, so as not to affect the mosquito killing effect.