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Telescopic Spring Tension Pole 4 Shelf Corner Bath Shower Rack Caddy Organiser

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Product description:
Material: 304 Stainless Steel + ABS engineering plastic
Tray Color: White
Adjustable Height: 3.9-10ft / 120-310cm
Tray Size: 9.8*9.8*13.3in / 23*34*21cm
Max load of each tray: 11lb / 5kg

Package Include:
2 x Bottom Support Bars
1 x Middle Support Bar
1 x Top Support Bar
4 x Trays
2 x Bases
8 x Fixed Rubber Rings (4 Spare)
4 x Tray Stoppers (2 Spare)
2 x Towel Racks
4 x Guardrails (with 3 Hooks)
1 x Product Manual

How to install:
Step 1: Assemble barrier on the shelf:
(Tips: You can complete this step after installed the caddy if you are not ready yet for use)
A.Insert barrier on the top of the shelf for protection bar inserts it under the bottom of the shelf for hanging items. B.Insert barrier under the bottom of the shelf.
Notice: Please distinguish between the backward and forwards of the barrier, the side with slots should put it on backward. If you've put it on the wrong side, please reach us to know how to pull it out.

Step 2: Assemble shower caddy
(1)Before assembling the caddy, find the white knob, pull the top rod out of the middle rod about 4" and tighten the white knob Notice: The height of the installation will determine how many units of extension rod will be used.
(2)Assemble shelves on the pole, refer to the below steps Shelves can be adjusted by moving the wedges up or down.

Step 3: Adjust the height of assembled caddy, refer to below steps

Step 4: Install Shower caddy on the shower room
Lift the entire assembly into position over the tub ledge or shower stall floor. Before assembling product:
Please check if all parts are included before you begin. If you have any installation or product quality problems, please reach us with your order number to the email for replacement.