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Universal In Car Magnetic Dashboard Cell Mobile Phone GPS PDA Mount Holder Stand

  • Compatible with most smart phones, GPS, PDA devices.
  • Easy to mount and release on car dashboard.
  • Place on any flat surface and it keeps your devices in perfect position for a hands-free phone call, navigation, make your driving easy.
  • With strong powerful magnet inside the mount, support most devices with no problems.
  • Rubber grip on magnetic surface offers extra protection.
  • Mini size, made of stainless steel, cool appearance and high quality, never waste the space.
  • Size: 3.3cm x 3.3cm x 1cm (Diameter x Thickness)
  • Net weight: 25g
How to use:
1. Open the package, and open the contents. There is one magnetic holder, one metal plates with 3M stickers, one 3M Stickers.
2. Peel off the sticker from the metal plate and stick it to the device, apply pressure for 60 seconds, then peel off the sticker from the 3M stickers and place it on cack of the magnetic holder. Apply pressure for 60 seconds, then peel off the other side of the 3M stickers, stick it on the spot where you wanna to put the holder.
3. After mounting, do not use it for a few hours to allow the adhesive to set firmly. Do not use any additional adhesive.
4. The magnetic holder is ready for use now.