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Joyoung New F-40T88-Plus Low Carb IH Induction 8 Cups 4.0L Rice Cooker

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New Joyoung IH Induction Rice Cooker 4.0L F-40T88 Plus Got an upgrade! 40T88 Plus now comes with low carb rice function.
This Joyoung IH smart appliance rice cooker is suitable for 3-6 people. 9 automatic menus allow you to choose from a variety of rice, porridge, cakes, and more other cooking options. The rice cooker comes with a removable inner pot and steamer. With the its heating technology, it allows more uniform heating. With the refined LED touch panel, this Joyoung rice cooker is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, also gives you the double enjoyment of visual and tactile while using it. Its special Slowly Digestible Rice function can steam evenly changes the dressing of the rice, reduce starch levels and enhance satiety, a good choice for your family.

Short Description:
9 cooking functions, adding enamel stew mode, crystal rice, porridge, soup, stew, cake, one button to get
Induction Heating, The heating is more uniform, the temperature difference is very small, and the rice is full
Sugar-balance control for low carb rice
1.6mm thick natural cast iron liner, The heat storage is increased by 75%, and the rice is sweeter
93 Celsius constant temperature aroma patent, Release rice sweetness up to 3 times more than ordinary rice
24 hour Timer/Preset setting, designed for office workers and health-preserving people
4L capacity, 8 cups uncooked rice, suitable for 3 to 6 people

Product dimensions: L45.2cm x W37cm x H28cm

Come with 1 year warranty.